Workshops & Team Building

The perfect experience for teams who love coffee!

Whether you are looking for a calm start to your week away from the office or a few hours of hands-on practise learning latte art, our workshops are a fun and educational way to spend time with work colleagues learning a new skill. We cater to various group sizes with a maximum attendee number of 20, and offer bespoke workshops that are tailored to your team, focusing on your interests and what you’d like to learn. Perfect for a corporate event, or for a group of friends looking for a fun, and tasty, activity to do together.

Our most popular workshops are:

Breakfast Brewing Workshop
Start your week in Prufrock instead of at the office. Learn how to make a delicious pourover coffee in our training centre and then enjoy your brew alongside breakfast or pastries. Sharing a moment with your colleagues for a calm start to your week, simply spend time together or use the morning to plan for the week ahead.

Espresso & Latte Art Workshop
We start by learning the basics of making espresso, and then focus the main part of the workshop on steaming glossy, creamy milk and practising pouring a couple of different latte art patterns. We can include a latte art competition at the end, nominating a couple of people to go head-to-head to become the latte art champion of the day. A fun, hands-on workshop, where you should be able to come back to the office and impress your colleagues!

Coffee Tasting & Sensory Workshop
We start by learning how to identify and describe flavour in coffee, and do a palate training exercise to prepare us for a coffee tasting, known as a cupping. Learning about coffee’s journey from farm to cup, we set up the cupping with coffees from different origins, processing methods and roast level. While tasting and talking through all of the coffees, we discover favourites along the way and learn what to look for to find the perfect coffee for you!


We offer a range of prices dependent on the type of workshop you are interested in, duration and number of attendees that will be taking part:

The Breakfast Brewing Workshop - prices start at £335
The Coffee Tasting & Sensory Workshop - prices start at £335
The Espresso & Latte Art Workshop - prices start at £395

How to book

Please fill in the form below with number of attendees, timings and a possible date and idea for the workshop if you have one in mind. We will get back to you as soon as we can with our suggestions and then we can book you in!