SCA Courses and Certification

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is a nonprofit, membership-based association which works to make coffee better by raising standards worldwide. As part of their organisation, the SCA offers accredited training programs aimed to meet the needs of coffee professionals everywhere. The programs are administered by the SCA and taught by Authorised SCA Trainers (ASTs) around the globe, and offers education for every stage of your career.

SCA Coffee Skills Program

The SCA Coffee Skills Programme (CSP) is focusing on key specialties within the coffee industry. Students can choose between six modules and three levels of certifications, finding courses that are perfect for your interests and needs. Upon completion of each course, you have the option of taking the SCA Accredited Exam, and if you pass you will receive an SCA Certificate for this course and also collect the associated points. Exams are based on both theoretical knowledge and practical examinations.

Each course module and level has points attached to them, with the overall SCA Coffee Skills Diploma being awarded when a student has collected a total of 100 points.

The Coffee Skills Program consists of 6 modules
  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Barista Skills
  • Brewing
  • Sensory
  • Green Coffee
  • Roasting
Levels and associated points

Introduction To Coffee ( 10 points )
Perfect for a coffee novice wanting to learn the theoretical basics of all modules.

Foundation ( 5 points )
Perfect for those wanting to get a taste of a new area of coffee knowledge with no prior experience.

Intermediate ( 10 points )
Suitable for those with a firm knowledge of the modules basics, or working in the area already wanting to consolidate their key skills.

Professional ( 25 points )
Suitable for those with specialist knowledge of the module area who have worked in the area for some time and want to push their knowledge and skills to a higher level.

    Here at Prufrock we offer the following modules:

    Introduction to Coffee

    If you’re thinking about a career change, are a coffee enthusiast or are just interested to learn more about coffee's journey from farm to cup, this is the place to start. Based on the SCA Modules of Green Coffee, Sensory, Roasting, Brewing and Barista Skills.

    Barista Skills
    Greatly accelerating students’ learning curve and skill set, this module covers key skills for a successful career as a Speciality Barista. This module is available across all three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional

    The objective of this module is to advance students’ tasting and evaluation skills as well as brewing techniques. This module is available across all three levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional

    SCA Accredited Exams

    At the conclusion of our SCA courses we conduct the formal examination process, which consists of a written exam for Introduction to Coffee, and both practical and a written exams for Barista Skills and Brewing. If you are taking Introduction to Coffee or Foundation courses, the written exams will be taken online. The written exam for Intermediate courses will be online from the 20th January 2020. You can find out more information about this here.

    SCA Certification Fees

    If you choose to take the SCA Accredited Exam, there is a Certification Fee from the SCA, in addition to the cost of the course. This fee is not mandatory if you don’t wish to obtain an SCA Certificate, and can also be deferred if you prefer to take the exam at a later date (without having to repeat the course). Fees for SCA Members are considerably reduced when you take Intermediate and Professional levels, so you may find it worthwhile to become a member as you work through the diploma system.

    As of the 20th of January 2020, Intermediate Certification fees for courses taken on or after this date will be increased to £110 for SCA Members and £180 for Non-members. You can find more information regarding these changes here

    Becoming a SCA Learner or Member

    If you wish to take the SCA Accredited Exam after your course, you need to sign up as Learner with the SCA. This is free of charge and you can register on the SCA website, just pick your region under "Join the SCA". If you wish to become a member of the SCA, we suggest you read more about the available membership options on the SCA website, or contact them for advice about the best membership for you.

    More information

    To read more about the SCA and the Coffee Skills Program, please head to the SCA website. If you have any question about the courses we offer, or need advice in choosing your level, please get in touch via and we are happy to help.