SCA Barista Skills Intermediate Course

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A two-day course introducing extraction theory, professional tasting and how to adapt brew recipes. You’ll also improve your workflow and milk steaming with a dedicated latte art component.

Important note on SCA certification & fees
All SCA courses include the certification process. Please note that a mandatory Course Enrollment Fee of €50 is payable directly to the SCA, in addition to the course fee stated on our website. You can find more information here, and will need to register as a Learner with the SCA before the date of your course.

Course content
A significant progression from Foundation level, this course is designed to get students to the level of a skilled speciality barista. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of coffee itself and the impact a coffee’s variety, origin and processing have on flavour.

We’ll look closely at the taste balance of espresso, and how we can manipulate this by adapting our brew recipes. Learning how to use a coffee refractometer to measure strength and calculate extraction, we’ll explore the sensory qualities associated with different strength and extraction levels.

We’ll work on creating well-presented drinks with multiple latte art patterns, and how to manage workflow efficiently on bar. You’ll also gain insight into water chemistry and testing, key concepts regarding health and safety, customer service and basic business practices.

Prerequisite skills
Candidates attending this course should have a general understanding of espresso technique – the SCA Barista Skills Foundation course or 3+ months of work experience as a speciality barista is ideal.

Additional information
Duration: A two-day course with complimentary lunch provided.
Maximum number of students: 4
Location: In our Training Centre

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