Home Brewing Course

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Would you like to brew delicious coffee at home? Are you interested in filter coffee specifically, and want explore different brew methods to find the best one for you? Join this fun course for hands-on brewing techniques, recipes and handy tips for immersion, pour-over and hybrid brewers. 

Course Content

In this course we will focus on understanding the fundamentals of what it takes to make delicious brewed coffee, learning how the brew ratio, grind size and brew time affect your cup. We will also look at water, and explore how different types of water influence your brew.

Learning our ideal recipes for each brew method, you will practise brewing technique using a French Press, V60 and Aeropress. Tasting and discussing our brews, this is a fun, tasty and hands-on course for all coffee enthusiasts. 

Duration & Attendees
  • 1 x In-Person Course at 3 hours
  • Maximum 4 students

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