SCA Barista Skills Foundation Course | Fully Online

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A course covering the key Barista skills, greatly accelerating students’ learning curve and skill set This is the perfect course for you if you are thinking about becoming a barista, or just want to learn more about espresso based coffee.

Course content

In this course you will learn foundational coffee knowledge as well as key barista skills. Designed to quickly familiarise you with espresso machinery, you will learn the basics of  brew recipes, consistent dosing, tamping, grind adjustment and how to organise a bar for efficient workflow.

We will cover milk steaming and drinks production, including how to steam and pour milk to produce attractive and creamy-textured cappuccinos. We finish the course with basic water theory and customer service skills, as well as how to keep the equipment and machinery clean.

Training Pack

We will go through a coffee tasting together on the first day of your Live Video Sessions. You will receive three coffee samples in the post ahead of time, and details on how to set up is found in the Online Course. You will also receive our newly developed Workbook in the post alongside your coffee tasting pack. We will post the Training Pack one week before your course.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read this page about international shipping before booking your course from outside of the UK.

Online Course, Live Video Sessions & Complimentary Practise Session

The course is divided into two parts: an Online Course and two Live Video Sessions. You gain access to the Online Course and our Learning Platform upon making your booking. Here we will cover the theory part of this course, through presentations and video demonstrations. We will also introduce you to some of the practical parts of the course, so you come into the Live Video Sessions prepared and ready.

The Live Video Sessions will take place over two consecutive days, running for two and a half hours each. During these sessions we will complete the practical and interactive elements of the course as a group, under guidance from our trainer.

Once you have completed your course, you will receive a voucher to attend a complimentary Practise Session in our Training Centre. One of our trainers will be on hand for the whole session, and you will have the opportunity to put your new skills to practise. This will be available when we re-open our Training Centre, for everyone that has attended this course with us.

SCA Certification

This course is globally accredited via the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) and the SCA Exam is taken online upon completing the course. Please read more here if you wish to know more about SCA Certification.

Duration & Attendees
  • 2 x Live Video Sessions at 2.5 hours each (over two consecutive days)
  • Estimated 3 hours spent working through the Online Course
  • Maximum 4 students
Equipment Requirements
  • An espresso machine and grinder is not needed for this course. You can find more information about development of the SCA Online Courses here.

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