SCA Barista Skills Foundation Course

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A course covering the key barista skills, greatly accelerating students’ learning curve and skill set. This is the perfect course for you if you are thinking about becoming a barista, or just want to learn more about espresso based coffee.

Important note on SCA certification & fees
All SCA courses include the certification process. Please note that a mandatory Course Enrollment Fee of €50 is payable directly to the SCA, in addition to the course fee stated on our website. You can find more information here, and will need to register as a Learner with the SCA before the date of your course.

Course content
In this course we’ll cover foundational coffee knowledge as well as key barista skills. Designed to quickly familiarise you with espresso machinery, you’ll learn the basics of brew recipes, consistent dosing, tamping, grind adjustment and how to organise a bar for efficient workflow.

We’ll work on milk steaming and drinks production, including how to steam and pour milk to produce attractive and creamy-textured cappuccinos. We finish the course with water theory and customer service skills, and how to keep the equipment and machinery clean.

Online Course and In-Person Session
The course is divided into two parts: a mandatory Online Course and an In-Person Session.

You gain access to the mandatory online course on our Learning Platform upon making your booking. Here we’ll cover the theory part of this course, through presentations and video demonstrations. We’ll also introduce some of the practical parts of the course, in preparation for the in-person session.

The in-person session takes place over a half-day in our Training Centre, covering the hands-on and interactive elements of the course.

Please note that you need to complete the online course before attending your in-person session in our Training Centre. It’s a compulsory part of the SCA Barista Skills Foundation course, and the in-person session builds upon the theory learnt via the online course.

You’ll receive a workbook in the post ahead of your course. If you're booking from outside of the UK, you'll receive the workbook during your in-person session, but can download a PDF version from the online course to use in the meantime.

Prerequisite skills

Additional information
Duration: An in-person session of 4 hours, and around 3 hours working through the online course.
Maximum number of students: 4
Location: On our online Learning Platform and in our Training Centre

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