Coffee Tasting

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Join an interactive coffee tasting session and taste your way through a seasonal line-up of freshly roasted coffee. Following coffee's journey from farm to cup, you will learn what makes each coffee's flavour unique and what to look for to find the perfect coffee for you.

What we'll do

In a Live Video Session we start by setting up a coffee tasting session together, known as a cupping. This is the way professionals taste coffee, and it’s quick and easy to prepare. Learning about coffee’s journey from farm to cup, we will taste and compare five coffees from different origins, processing methods and roast level. 

Your trainer will guide you through brewing your coffee, followed by a fun tasting session where we will talk through each coffee as a group. You will learn what to look for when buying coffee to get the perfect one for you, and hopefully find some new favourites on the way!

How does the booking process work?

When booking the Tasting Masterclass, you select the date and time of your Live Video Session, and the number of Tasting Packs you want for your group. We recommend one tasting pack per household (of around 4 people). We will post these to each individual address, which you submit to us after completing your booking, one week before your session.

The price of the Masterclass is £50, and each Tasting pack is £20 incl. UK shipping.

IMPORTANT NOTEPlease read this page about international shipping before booking from outside of the UK.

What's in the Tasting Pack?

Each Tasting Pack contains 5 x 30g sample bags of coffee - 4 are seasonal coffees roasted by Square Mile Coffee Roasters (and there's enough to make a second brew of each coffee). The pack also includes our Cupping Guide, with details on how to taste and describe coffee, and guidance on how to set up your cupping, which is brewed in cups, mugs or glasses - things we already have at home.

Do I need to know anything about coffee to attend?

Nothing at all! This Masterclass is perfect for novices and professionals alike, and our friendly coffee trainers will adapt the tasting to your group.

Duration & Attendees
  • The session runs for 1 hour
  • Maximum 10 attendees/ households
Equipment Requirements
  • A kettle, five cups or glasses and two spoons
  • A digital scale is recommended, but a mls measurer works as well
  • We recommend using filtered or bottled water, but tap water can be used

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