Workshops & Team building

coffee brewing in to a white cup

We offer tailor-made workshops and team-building events for your company or group of friends.

Whether you come for a palate training workshop finished with a coffee tasting session or for some hands-on practise learning the basics of espresso-making and latte art, our Workshops and Events are a fun and educational way to spend time with work colleagues away from the office.

We can cater to various group sizes and offer you the event type and duration that's perfect for your team.

Our most popular workshops are:

Latte Art & Espresso Workshop
We can start by learning the basics of making espresso, and then focus the main part on steaming glossy, creamy milk and practising pouring a couple of different latte art patterns. You should be able to come back to the office and impress your colleagues! We can also add a fun latte art competition at the end, by choosing one person from each team to compete for a prize.

Coffee tasting & Sensory Workshop
We would start off talking about how we taste, and do a palate training exercise. We will then move onto an interesting coffee tasting (cupping) and taste coffees from different origins, processing methods and roast level. We would learn about coffee from bean to cup, as well as how to taste and talk about what flavour we can find in coffee - hopefully finding some favourites along the way.

We are of course very happy to discuss options with you if you have other ideas in mind for your team building session.

We offer a range of prices dependent on duration and number of attendees that will be taking part in the workshop: 
up to 6 people: prices start from £400
7 - 14 people: prices start from £550
15 - 25 people: prices start from £650

How to book

Please fill in the form below with number of attendees, timings and a possible date and idea for the workshop if you have one in mind. We will get back to you as soon as we can with our suggestions and then we can book you in!