SCA Exam and Certification Process

SCA Accredited Exams

If you choose to take the SCA Accredited Exam, we conduct the formal examination process at the conclusion of our SCA courses. The exam consists of a written exam for Introduction to Coffee and Foundation level courses, and both practical and written exams for Intermediate and Professional level courses. The written exams are taken online, and you can find out more information about the SCA Exam and Certification process below.

Steps for SCA Certification

Before your course

  1. Start with purchasing SCA Introduction To Coffee, Foundation, Intermediate or Professional Certification through our website here. This pays for the SCA Exam(s) and following SCA Certificate. When booking your course you can also pay for the course with the SCA Certification included.
  2. Sign up as Learner with the SCA to create an account and receive your Learner number. This is free of charge and you will need this number to obtain your SCA Certificate. To register, head to the SCA website here, and choose "Become a Learner" from the drop-down menu. Please have this number to hand when you attend your course.
  3. Read through the SCA 'Online Exam Policies and Learner Rights' before attending your course.

Taking the Written and Practical exams

  1. After completion of your course, you will take the practical exam in our training centre and, if successful, your written exam invitation will be emailed to you by the SCA within the next 5 days. This includes a link to access the online written exam along with all necessary information.
    If you are attending an Introduction to Coffee or Foundation Level course, you will go straight to the written exam, as there are no practical exams for these courses.
  2. When you have received your written exam invitation you have 21 calendar days to take the exam, and you are allowed two attempts to pass. The 21st day is called the 'Exam Expiration Date' and you can find this date and time under the ‘Written Exams' section in your SCA Learner Profile.
  3. Once you have passed your written exam, you will be notified immediately of your results and we are sent the information to request your SCA Certificate.

Receiving your SCA Certificate

  1. You will be notified by the SCA when your SCA Certificate is available to download from your SCA account. Please note that this can take up to 4 weeks to process.

You can find more information about the SCA and Certification on our website here

Please note: the SCA recommends that the Learner takes the online written exam on a computer, rather than a tablet or phone. The full functionality of the online exam is not enabled on all tablets and phones so the Learner's ability to take the exam may be compromised.