Online Workshops and Team Building

UPDATE: We are open for Online Workshops or Team Building events. Please contact us via the form below to book in.

Whether you are looking for a sensory coffee experience, to learn hands-on brewing techniques or to simply be introduced to the interesting world of Speciality Coffee, our workshops are a fun and educational way to spend time with colleagues learning a new skill. We cater to various group sizes and offer bespoke workshops that are tailored to your team, focusing on your interests and what you’d like to learn.

You will receive a bespoke coffee package ahead of time, and during the workshop one of our experienced coffee trainers will guide you and your team through a fun, and tasty, coffee masterclass.

Two of our new online Workshops are:

Brewing Workshop - Master the V60

In this online class we will introduce you to one of the most popular coffee brewers, the Hario V60. Our trainer will go through the ideal brewing technique to get the best tasting coffee from your V60, and the foundations of what makes coffee taste the way it does. We will make a brew together, and our trainer will guide your team through tasting their coffee and give advice on small, but important, aspects to improve brewing technique.

You will receive a 2-cup V60 brewer, filter papers and a recipe card with the step-by-step brewing technique. You will also receive freshly roasted coffee to brew and taste - enough for you to make several brews and keep practising your V60 skills after the class.

Coffee Tasting Workshop - Learn to Taste Coffee like a Professional

In this online class we organise a coffee tasting session, known as a cupping. This is the way coffee professionals taste coffee, and it’s quick and easy to set up. Learning about coffee’s journey from farm to cup, we taste coffees from different origins, processing methods and roast level. In this tasting, we learn what to look for to find the perfect coffee for us, and hopefully find some favourites along the way.

Your team will receive a tasting pack ahead of time with four seasonal coffees and our Cupping Guide, with explanations on how to taste and describe coffee. The pack will also include detailed instructions on how to set up your cupping, which is normally brewed in cups, mugs or glasses - something we already have at home.


We offer a range of prices dependent on the type of workshop you are interested in, duration and number of attendees that will be taking part.

How to book

Please fill in the form below with number of attendees, timings and a possible date and idea for the workshop if you have one in mind. We will get back to you as soon as we can with our suggestions and then we can book you in!