About Us

Meet our training team! On the right is Sara, our Head Trainer here at Prufrock and on the left is Farryn who's here to help you with all of your behind the scenes needs.

If you want to develop your barista skills, book a workshop for your team or simply start your coffee journey, Sara and Farryn are here to help.

Sara has been working in coffee for more than 10 years, and drinking it for even longer. She started out as a barista in the smallest (and nicest) coffee bar in Stockholm, Sweden and then fell in love with speciality coffee while doing a stint in Oslo, Norway. After moving to London in 2012, she spent 5 years working with Workshop Coffee, starting out as a barista and then moving on to teaching brewing classes, opening and managing two new coffeebars and running operations for another. Now she is focusing on what she loves the most, teaching, and is heading up our Training Centre here in Prufrock Coffee. She's an Authorised SCA Trainer (AST) and is currently on the Creator's Group for the SCA Barista Skills module, working to improve the curriculum and exams for 2019. 

Farryn, originally from Australia, has worked as a barista for many years and also runs her own company making scented soy candles and developing natural skincare products. After migrating to London in 2015, she managed a cafe in Broadway Market and now works alongside our Head Trainer, Sara, to confirm and assist with all online bookings and enquiries. This year Farryn developed a coffee scrub in collaboration with Square Mile Coffee Roasters and, on occasion, you will see her helping out with workshops and events in the Training Centre, teaching everything from cupping skills to latte art.