International Shipping

When booking a Fully Online course or Masterclass with us, postage of the Training Pack is included for UK delivery. If you wish to book from outside of the UK, please contact us via email or through the form below, so we can discuss options for receiving your Training Pack and Workbook. We kindly ask that you do this so we can:

  • calculate shipping rates and let you know about any extra charge
  • advise about delivery times for receiving your Training Pack ahead of your Live Video Sessions

We will try our best to include international shipping in the course price, but depending on the receiving country, international shipping can be significantly more expensive than national shipping, so we may need to account for this.

International shipping is often slower than national shipping, and even more so at the moment. We want to make sure we do all we can to get the Training Pack to you before your Live Video Sessions, and can recommend course dates or speedier shipping options, depending on your preferences.

Please use the form below to ask us any questions, or check in on shipping options to your address.