Important updates from the SCA

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is introducing a new operating system and fee model in February 2023, which will affect students attending SCA accredited courses with us.

Some of the processes have been finalised and some are ongoing, and we’ll keep this page up to date with new information as we receive it. Please see an overview of the changes below:

Transition period
The 8th to 15th of February was set as a transition period by the SCA, where several of their systems were closed for updates. This is still an ongoing process, and as of the 22nd of February their system still has limited functionality while they're working out some issues.  

You can still book and attend courses with us, and we'll keep our students up-to-date with any new development from the SCA. You can also check in on the SCA progress on their website here.

Please just let us know if you have any questions at all!

Mandatory certification
We’ll offer SCA courses with certification as standard going forward, meaning all students attending an SCA course will sit the associated exams and, upon passing, will receive an SCA certificate for the course.

We have updated our pricing structure accordingly, and the price shown for each SCA course on our website is correct as of February 8th 2023, but please note that the SCA is introducing a new course enrolment fee - more information is below.

Certificate pricing and payment to the SCA
The SCA is introducing a Course Enrollment Fee for each learner who attends a course. This fee is 25 Euros for Introduction to Coffee and 50 Euros for all other courses, and will be paid directly to the SCA by the student.

Please note that the Course Enrollment Fee charged by the SCA is not included in the course price stated on our website, and that students need to register as a learner with the SCA and pay the fee before their course date.

Updated fee structure
The SCA will no longer charge different fees for Foundation, Intermediate and Professional courses, or for SCA members and non-members.


Updated 22/02/2023