SCA Introduction To Coffee Course

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A course covering coffee's journey from farm to cup and introduces students to all the key concepts in Speciality Coffee. This is the perfect course if you’re thinking about a career change, or are a coffee enthusiast who’s interested in learning more about all aspects of coffee.

Course content

This course is based on the SCA modules of Green Coffee, Sensory, Roasting and Brewing. You will learn about the history of coffee and the way growing, processing and roasting affect flavour of the final cup. We will work on developing our sensory skills and put them to the test in a coffee tasting, learning how professionals identify and describe taste and flavour of different coffees.

We will cover filter brewing, brew recipes and extraction theory, and practise pour-over brewing using the Hario V60 brewer. We finish the course with water essentials. You can attend this course purely for enjoyment, but it has very often been the doorway into a career in coffee – the variety of topics covered makes it a great way to get an overview of the different pathways that you might follow.

SCA Certification

This course is globally accredited via the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) and the SCA Exam is taken online upon completing the course. Please read more here if you wish to know more about SCA Certification.

Duration & Attendees
  • 1 x In-Person Session of 4 hours
  • Maximum 4 students

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